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" Our mission: to provide you with a complete range

of solutions for your doors and windows."


Some tips for cleaning your windows

  • White vinegar:
    Mix white vinegar with water. Then, dampen a cloth with this mixture and clean your window as usual. White vinegar is grease-repelling and eliminates soap residue.

  • Rubbing alcohol and soap:
    Use for very dirty windows. Mix the alcohol and soap, then wipe the glass down with a soft cloth dampened with this solution. Stains, dirt and paint rarely resist to this cleaning solution.

  • Newspaper:
    This is the oldest trick to clean windows. It must be crumpled for a soft texture. Once crumpled, dampen the newspaper with a little water. This gives excellent results.

A few tips to remove all traces of paint from your windows

Warning! Never use paint thinner!
It can attack the glass, and even make it blurry or opaque.

  • For water-based paint (acrylic and vinyl):
    Dampen a sponge with warm water. Wipe the traces of paint.
    Wait 20 seconds for the paint to become soaked with water. Wipe clean with the sponge.
    The paint should be eliminated effortlessly.

  • For glycerophtalic or glycero paint:
    Simply use a razor or box cutter blade.
    Embed it in a cork stopper for a better grip and to avoid injuries. Then, scrape the windows to lift the dry paint.
    You can also find window scrapers in hardware stores to use in the same way.

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