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" Our mission: to provide you with a complete range

of solutions for your doors and windows."


In our opinion, installation is the most crucial step in your investment. Take advantage of our La Belle Fenêtre turnkey service.

Our experienced teams will take care of everything from beginning to end. We carefully train our installers to work on all types of buildings.

They will have your installation quote on hand, and very precise instructions to follow, in order to comply with all quality standards and your requirements.

​Your installation includes:

  • Removal of existing windows and doors

  • Installation of new Energy Star certified products

  • Insulation with mineral wool and/or polyurethane foam and polypropylene tape

  • Installation of MDF pre-painted interior colonial mouldings

  • Installation of thermoplastic sealant on exterior joints

  • Installation of latex to plug screw/nail holes

  • Disposal of waste materials

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