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  • Apply silicone spray to the gear mechanisms and weatherstripping of your windows at each change of season.

  • Remove screens during the winter.

  • Always clean the base of wooden or PVC windows thoroughly: do not let condensation accumulate.

  • Check the condition of the sealant joints on the windows a few times a year and repair them if necessary, as a damaged seal can cause water to infiltrate inside the house.

  • All wood surfaces must be protected (paint, stain, varnish) shortly after window installation, as unprotected wood will swell and change colour. (MAXIMUM 30 days after installation).

Some tips on how to maintain your windows

Some advice for the maintenance of your fibreglass or steel doors

Your steel or fiberglass door requires very little care.
All you have to do is:


  • Wash with water and mild soap.

  • Apply grease to the hinges twice a year. To do this, remove the pin from the hinge (one hinge at a time), apply a thin layer of grease (or silicone) and reinsert the pin. Repeat these steps for each hinge.

  • To avoid squeaking, pour a few drops of oil on the hinges (paraffin oil, olive oil or petroleum jelly oil: a few drops suffice)

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