A complete work over for new windows and new doors for a fraction of the price

Professional installers who respect the delays

A wide range of high quality doors and windows


Our Services

La Belle Fenêtre is specialized in customer services, sales and the installation of fenestration products, exterior doors and garage doors.

Technical Services LBF is a division of the company La Belle Fenêtre, which offers assistance from specialized technicians and installers in doors and windows

Doors and windows are a huge investment in a house and even bigger in multi-unit buildings. The make over can be very beneficial. The tasks are executed faster and are favourable for the environment, on top of being economical; say 20% to 30% of the costs of a completely new installation of windows and doors.

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Sale and part substitution

We offer a sale service and replacement of parts of windows and doors such as:

  • Weather strip
  • Brackets
  • Handles
  • Window screen
  • Wheels
  • Glazing heads
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Sales and window and door repairs

We offer a wide range of doors, sliding doors, garage doors, and quality windows, products of Laflamme, Laurendeau and Porte Dimension. We are the only authorized distributors of the Laflamme products in Laval.

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Window and Door installation

If you purchase windows or doors from our company, we will send a specialized team to install them. We train our installers meticulously to ensure that they can adjust themselves to any type of building. We submit a quote followed by a specific guideline.

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Important losses of energy can be caused by badly installed windows or dated windows and can also create a discomfort in the house during winter or even on hot summer days. An inspection made our specialized and professional inspectors in fenestration and doors will allow you to detect problems.

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Our products


For the CAA members

La Belle Fenêtre will give a 5% discount to all the CAA members with valid identification.

Why choose La belle fenêtre

  • We offer a wide range of quality doors and windows.50%
  • A refundable tax credit may be granted to homeowners who renovated with energy efficient products.60%
  • A qualified team of installers is in charge of the installation of your windows and doors and are capable of adapting to all types of buildings.60%
  • We will restore your current installations for say 20% to 30% of the costs of a completely new installation of windows or doors. 60%


La Belle Fenêtre proceeded to the installation of a big number of windows and doors for various customers.
  • photo9

    C. Renaud

    We changed all the windows for uPVC Maxima windows with one bay window and a big panoramic window. The façade was redone with grey aluminum.
  • 8.2

    B. Turcotte, Laval

    Double façade doors with an executive molding and a commercial brown bow transom
  • 8.1

    B. Turcotte, Laval

    uPVC Maxima window with transom and tubular lead tiling.
  • photo7.1

    L. St-hilaire, Laval

    Fiberglass Hermética door.
  • 7.4

    L. St-hilaire, Laval

    White uPVC brick molding 3 ⅞ inches on the façade, deep blue on the sides and the back.

Our partners

Our success and the quality of our service are due in part to our close collaboration with numerous reliable partners.

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We are pleased to help you beneficiate a tax credit up to 20% of your expenses through a new government measure. This measure, which has been adopted on 7 October, aims to promote ecological restoration. A refundable tax credit may be granted to homeowners who renovated with energy-efficient products.